Why all-plastic pumps?

The new designed All-plastic pump made by pp materials and without any other materials.

And below are several advantages of all-plastic pump head.


In line with the international environmental protection standard No. 5 (PP) secondary recycling particles.

The all-plastic pump removes the metal spring and glass beads which made of all PP,the cost of plastic recycling and the difficulty of dismantling would reduced.


After pressed the pump,the liquid contacts the metal spring,it will easily cause a slow reaction with some components in the liquid.And the sediment would block the nozzle of the plastic pumps.

Especially the formulation contains two raw materials (Isododecane & Cetiol LDO) which attack the pump and casure the pump unusable quite quickly.

The all-plastic pump would never have this kind of problems and would perfectly working before the liquid run out.


The normal pump contains a metal spring which the chemicals would be added when factory produce and clean the metal spring.

The attached chemicals(which contains the heavy metals) on metal spring would pollute the liquid products in the container.

The all-plastic pump could ensure that the liquid products would never contact with the metal spring.



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